Nile Safari Lodge

AG Safaris is excited to share our experience at the Nile Safari Lodge, a hidden gem in the heart of Uganda. Nestled on the banks of the River Nile, the Lodge provides a unique opportunity to experience the best of Africa’s wildlife, natural beauty, and warm hospitality.

Location of Nile Safari Lodge.

Located in Murchison Falls National Park, the Nile Safari Lodge offers stunning views of the River Nile and the surrounding savannah plains. This strategic location makes it an ideal starting point for game drives, boat cruises, and other activities within the Park.

Accommodation at Nile Safari Lodge.

The Lodge boasts of 8 luxurious tented cottages, each with a private balcony overlooking the River Nile. The rooms are spacious, comfortable and tastefully furnished, providing a perfect retreat after a day out in the wild. Guests can unwind and relax in the infinity pool, with a chilled drink, as they watch the sun go down over the river.

Activities at Nile Safari Lodge.

The Nile Safari Lodge provides an unforgettable safari experience, with game drives in Murchison Falls National Park, the largest and oldest protected area in Uganda. The Park is home to over 76 species of mammals and 450 bird species, including the big five; elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhino. Guests can also take a boat cruise to the bottom of the majestic Murchison Falls, hike to the top of the falls or participate in a guided nature walk.


The Nile Safari Lodge’s restaurant serves a variety of local and international cuisine, using fresh, organic ingredients. Guests can enjoy their meals while watching elephants and other wildlife roaming freely in the plains. The lodge also has a well-stocked bar, offering a wide range of beverages.


AG Safaris is committed to sustainable tourism and conservation, and the Nile Safari Lodge shares this vision. The Lodge has implemented eco-friendly practices such as solar power, recycling and waste management. They also support the local community through various social responsibility projects.


The Nile Safari Lodge is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an authentic African safari experience. With luxurious accommodation, delicious cuisine, and a range of activities, guests are sure to create unforgettable memories. AG Safaris highly recommends the Nile Safari Lodge as a top-notch safari lodge in Uganda.

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